Here you should find all the information you need about gameQuery. If you don’t you can contact me at: gamequery(at)onaluf(dot)org.


How can I get help?

You can post on Stack Overflow under the gameQuery tag. I will monitor posts there and try to answer as quickly as possible.

How can I help?

You can contribute code to the project, write a game with gameQuery or simply speak about gameQuery on your blog or tweet about it. Don’t hesitate to rate the project on it’s jQuery plug-in page. Alternatively you can donate to the project by flattring it: Flattr this

Who is behind gameQuery?

gameQuery has been created and is still being written by me, Selim Arsever. I’m a computer engineer living and working in Zürich, Switzerland. Being an open source framework its the produce from the feedback of many friendly user and you too can contribute! For a list of the contributor you can have a look at the project’s history on GitHub.

I’ve done everything just like you told but nothing happens!

Did you call the startGame() function? Usually this is the cause of your problem if you don’t have any errors on the javascript console.

There is a bug in my gameQuery!

Well sorry, I did try my best… Don’t hesitate to fill an issue on GitHub

What is the point of making games with javascript?

Javascript games are still in their infancy but but there is many reason why they are more than a curiosity: Modern browser provide very good javascript engine and improvement keeps coming. Then to develop javascript games you don’t need an expensive proprietary IDE, widely available, free, open source software are there waiting for you! Sometimes Flash is not available in some platform, even very recent ones (Wii, iPhone …).

Why using DOM instead of canvas?

Canvas is a very powerful and efficient way to manipulate images in the browser and is thus probably the best solution for nice looking games, however I choose DOM manipulation for gameQuery… why is that? First I think that for most practical solution outside of games DOM is still the way to go. Since one of my goal was to learn useful javascript using DOM made sens to me. Benchmark for pure javascript are available but having a way to test the DOM engine is more tricky… games are a good way to test this side of the javascript performances. Finally I hope that gameQuery can be used by beginners to learn game programming and with this in mind I think it’s easier to debug you games when all your object are visible with a simple DOM explorer.
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