Mechalchemist Play now!

screenshot This game is a money idol exchanger clone. To play use the ‘a’ to move the probe left, ‘d’ to move the probe right, the ‘s’ arrow to take a stone and the ‘w’ arrow to drop it. Your goal is to make the stone disappear. Use the conversion table at the right. The probe can store any number of stone but all from the same kind.

Collision Demo Play now!

screenshot This is a simple demo for the collision detection, it’s not a game! Whenever a red square hits the blue one it explodes. You can move the blue square with the a,s,d,w keys.

First tutorial Demo Play now!

screenshot This is the result of the first tutorial so keep in mind that it’s a very simple example, not a full game. It’s a shoot’em up. Use the keys ‘a’, ‘w’, ‘d’ and ‘s’ to make the spaceship move and ‘k’ to shoot. To have a playable frame rate you better use a recent browser, Safari, Chrome or Firefox whith Tracemonkey enabled.

Other people’s Demos

DerFichtl’s Pong

screenshot DerFichtl published a pong clone made with gameQuery here.

raist’s HoneyBlaster

screenshot raist is working on a port of his side-shooter HoneyBlaster.

Vertigo Project’s Red Line

screenshot Red line is racing game made by the guys at Vertigo Project.

Yann Michalski’s jMemo

screenshot Yann Michalski has published a memory game using jQuery for the animations.

Matt Pelham’s Brain Snackers

screenshot Matt Pelham has started working on Brain Snackers an incredible isometric zombie game.

Orangebus’ Christmas game

screenshot Orangebus used gameQuery to make their Christmas game. (This game is not available anymore)

Sena’s Invaders From Earth

screenshot Sena‘s first game: a very nice space defender clone.

Rob Britton’s Jarm

screenshot Rob Britton has made Jarm, a nice gardening game where you plant things and watch them grow.

P3nyan’s Puzzle

screenshot P3nyan create this very addictive puzzle base on binary numbers.

AK’s game

screenshot Akiyama wrote this very nice game where you deplace a little witch to make her avoid falling stars.
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