Last news

5 April 2013:
0.7.1 has been released with support for Tiled JSON files (look at importTilemaps() documentation for more info)
25 July 2012:
0.7.0 has been released! Make sure to take a look at the release notes and the migration guide!
3 April 2012:
I just released gameQuery 0.6.2 with fixes for tile maps and ping-pong animations (more details in the release notes) so if you’re using one of those two features please update to this version. I updated the tile map editor too, it’s now possible to change the size of the map after it’s creation and to delete animations. The ‘add animation’ dialog has been improved, make sure to take a look at the updated video introduction for a quick walkthrough!
26 March 2012:
Released 0.6.1 with fixes for two bugs, look at the release notes for more details.
20 March 2012:
0.6.0 has been released! Make sure to take a look at the release notes and the migration guide!
19 March 2012:
As you may now by following me on twitter the development of gameQuery has started again last month. Today the tile map editor and a shim are available. The 0.6 version should be up tomorrow if everything goes according to plan.
4 March 2012:
The website runs now on WordPress and there is a new forum that runs on Vanilla.
13 June 2010:
At last, 0.5 released, with a nice tile-engine.
25 December 2009:
Brand-new website and 0.4 release.
14 December 2009:
Since the answer to the poll were largely in favor of the refactoring I did just that. Those are the changes to come in the next release:
  • Moved Animation to the $ scope. What was new Animation(...) is now new $.gameQuery.Animation(...).
  • Sound interaction are now abstracted to a$.gameQuery.soundWrapper. This is a swapable piece of code that handles sound bind to an custom (HTML5) or existing library (SoundManager, jPlayer).
  • New .playground() behavior, more jQuery-y: you should now write $('mynode').playground({...}) instead of $().playground('mynode', {...})
  • Sprites have now a geometry attribute that describe if there are rectangles or circles. This is used for collision detection. (for now only rectangle are supported)
Those changes are allready in part present in svn if you like to test them. For the rest you can expect a release in the weeks to come.
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